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    Discover how post-workout BEMER therapy can elevate your training, performance, & overall health.

    Take a second to think about your recovery routine. What does it look like?

    Do you cool down with some stretching or light cardio after your workouts? Do you sweat it out in the sauna or ice your muscles? Do you get enough sleep?

    Ideally, your recovery plan should include a way to stimulate blood flow in fatigued muscles, rest and relaxation, and plenty of shut-eye.

    But we all know that’s much easier said than done.

    Between busy schedules and all of life’s responsibilities, staying consistent can be tricky.

    But believe it or not, there’s an easy way to enhance and support all three of those aspects that make up the ideal recovery plan. And you can do it while watching your favorite Netflix show.



    After being approved for a broad range of medical uses* over the past fifty years, PEMF therapy is now widely recognized for its benefits in athletics.

    At BEMER, we’ve channeled this breakthrough technology into a portable, easy-to-use device that can stimulate your muscles and enhance your sports recovery and performance in just two eight-minute sessions a day.

    Boost Circulation Naturally

    BEMER non-invasively stimulates muscles to temporarily enhance local blood flow using a targeted pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) signal.

    The low-frequency waves activate the electrical charge in your muscle cells, optimizing the transfer of vital oxygen and improving carbon dioxide (CO2) removal.

    Oxygenated, nutrient-rich muscles have the resources they need to repair faster.

    So, essentially, BEMER therapy can reduce recovery time, maximize training time, and help you get more out of each workout.

    And the best part? You’ll get many of the same benefits that cold and heat therapy provide, plus many more, without any discomfort.

    Recovery Should Be Relaxing

    With BEMER, recovery is convenient and comfortable. There’s no need for any scorching saunas or frigid cold therapy sessions.

    Whether you’re at home or staying in a hotel room, just find a good place to sit or lie down and fire up your BEMER device.

    The therapeutic signal will relax your muscles, reduce stress, and even improve your rest and relaxation.

    When your body is well-rested and more resistant to stress, you may notice your muscles become more responsive during training. In short, relaxed muscles perform better.

    Adding BEMER therapy to your recovery routine can allow you to ask more of your body and deliver next-level results.

    Train More Often. Train More Effectively.

    Healthy circulation opens up a new world of possibilities for your workout performance.

    When you spend less time recovering and get more from each training session, you may find your strength, conditioning, and overall physical fitness improve.

    BEMER therapy can also enhance your endurance and energy levels, giving you extra fuel to make it through those intense workouts.

    Don’t be surprised if you start setting personal records more often and seeing fewer plateaus.

    These performance-boosting benefits are what truly set BEMER apart from your standard recovery methods. And they’re exactly why professional athletes from around the world use BEMER therapy as part of their recovery routines.



    Professional Freeskier and BEMER ambassador Mark Abma uses BEMER to fuel his passion for the extreme:

    "BEMER has an incredible ability to stimulate my body prior to skiing, biking, and working out and also has a remarkable ability to recover my body. This means that I can ski, bike, and train harder and more frequently. As my life becomes busier in all aspects of life, I need my body and mind to be able to perform at their peak potential as often as possible. BEMER’s portability means that I can now travel and have the ability to recover after a long day of skiing and be ready to perform at my peak potential the next day."*

    Lesley Paterson––five-time off-road triathlon world champion and BEMER ambassador––recovers with BEMER to keep her body in peak condition and maintain an incredibly intense training schedule:

    "As a professional triathlete, my body is extremely stressed because I swim, bike, and run for over 30 hours every week. Having quality recovery is the only way I can sustain this lifestyle and keep my immune system from crashing. My BEMER is a critical tool in my recovery protocol -- it temporarily increases local blood flow to help repair muscle damage from training but is probably also good for my bone health. I take it with me everywhere."*



    BEMER therapy is recovery like you’ve never seen before. With increased energy, conditioning, and strength, BEMER is a must-have in your daily routine.

    So, what are you waiting for? Contact your local BEMER distributor today.

    You are the only thing stopping you from attacking your training goals like never before.


    BEMER does not provide any medical advice or services. This device is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It should not be used for any purpose other than as described in the user manual. Please consult your own healthcare provider if you have any medical issues.

    BEMER USA, LLC is a leader in the field of microcirculation. BEMER USA, LLC, 2230 Faraday Ave, Carlsbad, CA 92008

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