3 Ways to Improve Circulation While Traveling

    JULY 30, 2020

    3 Ways to Improve Circulation While Traveling

    Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, whether it’s by plane, train, or automobile, good circulation is key to an enjoyable travel experience .

    Many of the physical discomforts associated with travel are directly related to poor circulation. These can include:

    • numbness and tingling in the hands and feet
    • cold hands and feet
    • swelling in the feet, ankles, and legs
    • digestive issues
    • fatigue
    • joint and muscle cramping

    Here are 3 ways you can prevent poor circulation from ruining your trip! and to Improve Circulation While Traveling

    Get On Your Feet

    Sitting for an extended amount of time can lead to poor circulation throughout your body. Once circulation slows down, your blood remains in the feet and legs, ultimately reducing the delivery of oxygen throughout your body. Many of us have experienced numbness and that unpleasant “pins and needles” sensation in our extremities after sitting for too long.

    To prevent this, take breaks from sitting as frequently as possible!

    If you’re traveling by plane or train, get up and stretch whenever the seatbelt light is off. Even better, take a quick walk up and down the aisle to get your blood flowing.

    When leaving your seat isn’t an option, try doing some calf raises. Flexing your calves can help improve blood flow in your legs.

    If you’re on a road trip, plan for regular rest stops so you can get out of the car and stretch your legs. You can make this fun by choosing interesting locations along your route that you might never have stopped to see!

    Water Is Your Best Friend

    We all know how stressful travel can be and stress leads to dehydration. This happens when your adrenal glands become exhausted, preventing them from efficiently producing the hormone aldosterone, which helps regulate your body’s levels of fluid and electrolytes.

    Unfortunately, when you’re dehydrated, your body stores up energy by decreasing blood circulation.

    To counteract this, drink plenty of water throughout your travels!

    This is especially important if you’re flying to your destination. The air at high altitudes is much drier than on the ground. Every time you breathe you are exhaling moisture-rich air and inhaling dry air. If you’re not replacing the water that you are losing, you can become dehydrated. Additionally, take it easy with the alcoholic drinks on your flight, which also cause dehydration.

    3 Ways to Improve Circulation While Traveling

    Don’t Forget Your BEMER!

    BEMER is your secret weapon to improve circulation anytime, anywhere! Our new BEMER Pro-Set GO Edition is lightweight and compact, fitting easily in a backpack. Additionally, by adding a Medical Device tag to your GO-Set backpack, you will be able to bring it with you on a plane as an extra carry-on at no additional charge.

    BEMER devices use PEMF technology, an acronym for Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field, to deliver a patented therapeutic signal which temporarily improves local blood circulation in healthy leg muscles and enhances muscular performance throughout the body. The best part is that BEMER is very easy to use; you can improve your health and wellness in just eight minutes, twice a day.

    The GO-Set comes with the revolutionary B.BOX control unit and two applicators. Both applicators are uniquely engineered to deliver the BEMER signal to targeted areas of the body, resulting in increased local blood flow.


    BEMER USA LLC is a leader in the field of microcirculation. BEMER Group North America, 1902 Wright Place, Suite 200, Carlsbad, CA 92008

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