World Champ Triathlete

    World-class triathlete & off-road endurance champion Lesley Paterson shares how BEMER has helped her outpace the competition.

    For strangers to the world of endurance, Lesley Paterson’s achievements can be hard to wrap your head around.

    She’s a five-time world champion triathlete, with 22 first-place finishes in XTERRA off-road and other endurance races since 2015.

    It takes unbreakable determination to do what she’s done, and of course, no shortage of preparation, training, and recovery.

    As a BEMER ambassador, Paterson religiously incorporates BEMER therapy into her recovery routine.

    To get some insight into how it’s impacted her life as an athlete, we checked in with her and asked some questions about her recovery and performance...

    As well as some fun and interesting personal questions to spice things up!

    Check out the interview below:


    Overall, how has BEMER helped you become a better athlete?

    Faster recovery. No question.

    As a triathlete, my schedule is packed with swimming, biking, and running. Training is pretty much a full-time job for me.

    There’s no way I’d be able to keep up with my training load if I didn’t have BEMER. It’s such a big advantage for me.


    What do you feel is the most important benefit that BEMER provides?

    I’ll have to bend the rules a bit here because there are two that stand out.

    For me, BEMER helps me feel more energized and keeps muscle stiffness at bay.

    As you can imagine, I need as much energy as I can get...

    And with as much as I train, it can be tough to keep the muscles loose and ready to go.


    Have you noticed any quality of life benefits from BEMER outside of its effect on your recovery & performance?

    Definitely. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is mental clarity.

    Obviously, that helps with training and competition too, but I just feel more tuned into the moment overall.


    How often do you use BEMER?

    Every single day. At this point, I don’t go anywhere without it.

    Once I felt the difference it made in my recovery, I was hooked!


    Has BEMER helped you during any recent training programs or competitions? If so, which ones?

    I use BEMER all year round — whether I'm competing or not — because it helps keep my body resistant to injury and less inflamed from high training loads.

    But I did just compete at the USA National Xterra Championship and WON!


    Do you listen to music while you train? If so, what's your favorite genre/artists to listen to?

    I do! I love listening to techno. The fast pace of the music is perfect for triathlon training.

    I love all kinds of dance music, though. I could throw on any style and be happy.


    Do you do any mindfulness exercises in your free time (i.e., yoga, meditation, journaling, etc.)?

    I’ve always been a creative person, and I fell in love with film at a young age...

    Even got my Master's degree in Theater.

    That passion eventually led me to becoming a screenwriter, so that’s become sort of a mindfulness exercise for me. Watching films and TV also helps take me out of my own world and focus on the moment.


    Being a world champion triathlete must be incredibly mentally demanding. How do you stay motivated?

    My motivation is very internal — I strive to push my boundaries mentally and physically, and I think I’ve always felt that way.

    I'm more concerned with where my limits are rather than the competition. That way, I am in control…

    Not only that, it’s ever-changing in so much as I have many other things going on in my life, so I'm focusing on pushing those boundaries based on where I'm at right now!


    Recover Like the Best With BEMER

    Lesley’s track record speaks for itself…

    But BEMER’s powerful results aren’t reserved for the best of the best. Everyone from casual sports players to seniors can see recovery, performance, and quality of life benefits in just two eight-minute sessions a day.

    Connect with your local distributor today to discover how BEMER can help change your game.


    BEMER does not provide any medical advice or services. This device is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It should not be used for any purpose other than as described in the user manual. Please consult your own healthcare provider if you have any medical issues.

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