A golfer stands on a golf course preparing to swing his golf club

    APRIL 23, 2021

    BEMER Therapy: The Golfer’s Secret Weapon

    Prepare for this upcoming season and give yourself an edge on the course with just two eight-minute BEMER therapy sessions a day

    After being played late in the season last year, the Masters is back in action in April.

    With the golf season just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to gear up and work on your game.

    Dialing in the timing of your swing, working on your short game, improving your consistency…

    You’ve got to put in the hours on the range if you want to hone these skills.

    But there’s a way to take these aspects of your game AND your overall performance to the next level –– without ever setting foot on the course.

    By adding BEMER therapy into your daily routine, you can get more swings in, play for longer, and recover faster from a full day out on the links.

    Golfers (including the pros) are starting to incorporate BEMER into their recovery regimens to reap the game-changing rewards of this breakthrough technology.

    Let’s find out why.

    More Time on the Course

    As with any sport, the best way to get better at golf is to play more often. But eighteen holes and four hours of play can take their toll on the body.

    Amateur golfers usually swing at speeds anywhere from 65 to 90mph, and professionals clock in at over 100mph. You can imagine how much torque that requires and how much stress it puts on the body.

    As a result, many golfers struggle with overuse injuries in their necks, shoulders, and lower backs. These lingering issues can affect your game and even limit your playtime.

    But with two eight-minute BEMER therapy sessions a day, you can target these areas with a non-invasive therapeutic signal, enhancing local blood flow, and oxygen delivery.

    Tired, worn-down muscles need oxygenated blood to repair themselves. By restoring local circulation, BEMER increases your muscles’ supply of this vital resource, allowing your body to recover faster and empowering you to spend more time on the course.

    Check out what Fred Funk, 8-time PGA Tour winner, 9-time PGA Tour Champions winner, and BEMER ambassador had to say about BEMER:

    “I take BEMER on the road with me when I travel to golf tournaments, and it has really helped with overuse of my body and everyday aches. It definitely helps me move through life a little bit better.” **

    Energy for the Back Nine & Then Some

    The key to increasing your accuracy, optimizing flush contact, and improving your consistency lies in getting your reps in.

    The more often you hit the range, the more you can work on the nuances of your swing.

    But whether you’re walking or riding a cart, spending four hours or more in the sun can be draining. And the golf swing is a fluid motion that involves the whole body and requires immense precision.

    Throughout the day, your energy levels can fluctuate and affect your focus and performance.

    With BEMER therapy, the increase in healthy circulation vitalizes your cells and gives your body a boost in energy and endurance.

    BEMER helps you play the back nine with the same focus and intensity as the front and approach each shot like your first.

    Hit it Longer AND Straighter with More Consistency

    Looking to put a few extra yards off the tee? Daily BEMER use can increase your muscular strength and conditioning as well.

    With extra strength, faster recovery, and more energy, you may find your overall distance improves, potentially shaving strokes off your scorecard.

    Hit Those High-Pressure Shots

    Trying to go low and sink those four-foot putts under pressure can be stressful.

    Luckily, BEMER therapy can increase your resistance to stress and aid in relaxation, letting you focus when the heat is on, and accuracy is crucial.

    Approved by the Pros

    BEMER works as a pre-game warm-up and post-game recovery tool, depending on what benefits you need.

    Want to prime and energize your muscles before you tee it up? Treat yourself to an early morning BEMER session.

    Need to recover after an 18-hole game? Revitalize and repair your muscles with a quick eight-minute therapy session and come back stronger the next day.

    Whether you’re a weekend golfer or a seasoned professional, BEMER can be your secret weapon to optimal performance.

    Contact a distributor near you for more information on how PEMF therapy can transform your golf game.


    BEMER does not provide any medical advice or services. This device is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It should not be used for any purpose other than as described in the user manual. Please consult your own healthcare provider if you have any medical issues.

    *Individual results may vary, and testimonials may not reflect the typical person’s experience and are not intended to represent that anyone will achieve the same results. These spokespeople may have been compensated for their testimony.

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