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    Ready for a riding revolution? The BEMER Horse-Set opens a new chapter in horse husbandry. It supports healing processes and improves your horse’s suppleness. It promotes regeneration and can be used preventively.

    Disruptive technology

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    Not magic, but enchantingly simple – the BEMER therapy is based on simple physics. Simple to use. Simply do you good.

    The 3 BEMER steps

    The BEMER signal:

    BEMER has developed a special signal that is adapted to the horse’s body and effectively stimulates restricted microcirculation.

    Unique ...

    Through optimally configured coils in the horse blanket and cuffs, this patented signal acts on the horse’s body via a magnetic field.

    ... and wow.

    You will be amazed – your horse will relax and reach a state of suppleness faster.

    Benefits of the BEMER Horse-Set

    Oxygenated red blood cells carry oxygen through the arteries and capillaries to all the organs of the human body.

    Promotes regeneration and relaxation.

    By affecting the “resting nerve” (parasympathetic nervous system), relaxation and recovery processes are supported. This enables your horse to replenish its energy and strength faster.*

    Improving the supply of nutrients

    Improves suppleness.

    You will see the difference – your horse will reach a state of suppleness faster and will be ready for new challenges.*

    The BEMER signal

    Increased physical performance.

    Boosts your horse’s metabolism and promotes cell activity. Look forward to working with a strong, fit horse that is ready to perform.


    Supports healing processes.

    Improved blood flow promotes the horse’s self-healing powers. After high-intensity training, and also after injuries.

    Health is our passion

    Our passion for people and animals has motivated us to conduct ongoing research into microcirculation for more than two decades.

    Our Company

    Health is a matter of trust

    Customer satisfaction

    9 out of 10 customers would never give up their BEMER.

    Hundreds of thousands

    satisfied users worldwide

    Over 20 years


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    BEMER Horse-Set

    BEMER Horse-Set

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    Dr. Oliver B.

    “Don’t just do what everyone else is doing. Also trust the results.”

    Dr. Olivier Brandenberger, Veterinarian & Clinic Manager

    Emmilie M.

    “My little darling has recovered well. Now we’re both happy.”

    Emmilie Müller, Student

    Josch L.

    “I can celebrate success. Because suppleness matters.”

    Josch Löhden, Professional Rider

    Cinzia A.

    “Drugs and chemicals? No thanks. Not my idea of a defense against infection.”

    Cinzia Abis, Bookkeeper

    Christine D.

    “Taking responsibility – for me, that means giving self-healing a chance.”

    Christine Dalock, Project Manager

    Katalin G.

    “I want to achieve great things. So I need to offer great things in return.”

    Katalin Garrn, Shipping Agent

    BEMER – is also good for you!

    BEMER can not only help your horse, but is also good for you! Experience the new BEMER attitude to life – with our Human devices.

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    BEMER Human
    Top service from BEMER. Flexible payments.

    Do you have any questions?

    We will be happy to answer all your questions about BEMER products.

    Affordable monthly plans

    3-year guarantee

    Because we’ll give you an additional year on us! Top quality. Top service.

    * Dai, F., Dalla Costa, E., Giordano, A., Heinzl, E., Giongo, P., Pagnozzi, G., Cannas, S., Minozzi, G., Minero, M. (2016). Effects of BEMER physical vascular therapy in horses in training. A randomized, controlled double blind study (yet to be published). Milan: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Milan. // Genn, Dr. H. J. (2017). Auswirkung der physikalischen BEMER-Gefäßtherapie auf das Verhalten der Pferde vor bzw. nach einer Operation (Anwenderbeobachtung). Steinfeld: Pferdeklinik Mühlen. // Brandenberger, Dr. O., Kalinowskiy, A., Körner J., Genn, Dr. H. J., Leser, Dr. S. (2021). Effect of Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation (Bemer)-Horse Therapy on Cardiopulmonary Function and Recovery Quality after Isofluran Anesthesia in 100 Horses Subjected to Pars-Plana Vitrectomy. Veterinary Surgery, July 08-10, 7. doi: 10.1111/vsu.13672 // Genn, Dr. H. J. & Kools, B. (2021). Der Einsatz der BEMER Therapie auf das Sexualverhalten (Libido) von Hengsten im Deckeinsatz (Anwenderbeobachtung). Steinfeld: Deckstation Schockemöhle & Pferdeklinik Mühlen. // Bundesverband für Gesundheitsinformation und Verbraucherschutz, 2018, P. 9

    BEMER Int. AG is a medical technology company that manufactures products to treat impaired microcirculation. We have been researching and developing patented application methods in this field since 1998.

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