Powerful, Targeted Therapy!

    White horse with cuffs and position of coils

    Discover the remarkable potential of our horse cuffs - the two BEMER cuffs (one left and one right) with integrated rechargeable battery and signal controller can be used for both the front and back legs and are suitable for single, opposite or diagonal applications. These BEMER horse cuffs generate a 3x stronger, concentrated signal for any targeted areas on the body. The cuffs feature breathable, removable, washable inserts and a charger with Y-cable for charging two control units simultaneously.

    World class science and innovation for your horse.

    Man and woman adjusting the cuffs on a horse

    The two cuffs, each featuring an integrated battery and signal controller, fit perfectly on the front and rear legs thanks to their innovative design. The three positioned coils reach all the critical spots on the legs of your horse or pony.

    Horse with caregivers

    The perfect duo for every leg in the stable.

    The practical duo for every horse cuff in the stable, these BEMER cuffs offer unparalleled versatility. This practical pair allows for application on both the front and hind legs, as well as diagonally, and is secured to the legs with three continuously adjustable Velcro fastenings. Of course, you can also use four cuffs at the same time.

    The breathable inlets, fitted with the special Cool-Max function and washable, ensure cleanliness in the stable. They can be easily removed and washed.

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    We’re so confident you’ll love your BEMER, we'll add an extra year to our standard 2-year satisfaction guarantee — on the house!

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