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    The Positive Effects of the BEMER Horse-Set


    Suppleness is the key to successful conditioning and an effective training program. True suppleness is achieved by focusing a horse mentally so that it can relax physically and work to its fullest potential. If a horse is not relaxed and focused, the training will be less effective in the long run, and riding could negatively affect the overall health of the horse, potentially resulting in injuries and other health concerns. For the horse to use its body correctly and effectively, the horse should be supported in the pre and post exercise process. In addition to various warm-up and training exercises, the BEMER Horse-Set helps to improve suppleness by increasing the body’s nature circulation without the horse exerting itself.*

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    Horses, just like human athletes, need to follow a thoughtful exercise regimen to achieve peak physical conditioning and achieve meaningful results. Unfortunately, all horse owners have experienced an unforeseen disruption in performance that continues for weeks, or even months. If performance is interrupted or inconsistent, the weakened horse will be susceptible to injury or even infection. The BEMER Horse-Set can be a powerful tool to keep these disruptions to a minimum. BEMER Horse-Set’s scientifically proven therapy targets problem areas through microcirculation and can help to strengthen your horse from the inside out with improved cell function and optimized waste removal. Used prior to exercise or during prolonged periods of rest, the BEMER Horse-Set difference is something that you and your horse will be able to feel in the next training session.

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    Rest, Recovery, and Regeneration

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    While the sympathetic nervous system prepares the horse for mental and physical performance, its counterpart, the parasympathetic nervous system, is responsible for rest, recovery, and regeneration. Known as the “relaxation nervous system”, the parasympathetic nervous system supports digestion and replenishes the body’s energy reserves. The BEMER Horse-Set can help you take your horse's regeneration to the next level. With an ergonomic design, The BEMER Horse-Set covers a large part of the equine musculature. Through strategically placed coils, the patented pulsed-electro-magnetic field (PEMF) therapy distributes its beneficial effect on the entire horse’s body. The horse's natural microcirculation is activated by BEMER’s gentle frequencies delivered with low intensities: Once activated, the smallest blood vessels will work to supply blood more effectively, boosting the oxygen and nutrient supply to all the cells in the horse's body. As a result of the body working properly, the relaxation phase is reached more easily, and recovery and regeneration is supported like never before. A relaxed and well-rested horse has a lower risk of injury and infection.*


    Unfortunately, injuries to our equine partners can happen anywhere at any time. No matter how well you know your horse, signs of overtraining can easily go undetected and seemingly small concerns can develop into expensive and hard to fix injuries. Daily use of the BEMER Horse-Set, can help to proactively prevent injury and discomfort. By using the BEMER Horse-Set, microcirculation is boosted, general metabolism is enhanced, and recovery and regeneration are more easily reached. By optimizing the body’s own mechanisms, the BEMER Horse-Set can help to minimize the risks of overtraining, injury, and infection.

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    Before and after surgery, the BEMER Horse-Set can be used as a supportive tool to support anesthesia and optimize recovery. During surgery, the horse must lie in a static position for hours. The significant pressure of the weight of the horse's body on its musculoskeletal structure poses a significant health risk for the horse’s survival and recovery. This risk can be mitigated by using the BEMER Horse-Set’s pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) blanket to support circulation in the small blood vessels before and after surgery. Post-operative recovery has also been observed in horses that were treated with BEMER!*

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    * Effects of BEMER physical vascular therapy in horses under training. A randomized, controlled double blind study. Francesca Daia, Emanuela Dalla Costaa, Alessia Giordanoa, c, Eugenio U.L. Heinzla, Piermario Giongob, Gracia Pagnozzi, Simona Cannasa, Giulietta Minozzia, Michela Mineroa, Dipartimento di Medicina Veterinaria, Universita di Milano (in publication) // Observations and experiences in the application of a therapy blanket by induction of electromagnetic force on the tissue of horses Hermann Josef Genn, Horse Clinic Mühlen, Germany, (2017)

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