Jimmy Chin looking over the side of a cliff

    Looking for ways to improve your performance? Discover how three of the world’s top athletes stay at the top of their game…

    When you’re working towards something, it often helps to learn from the best.

    Summer is the time of year when many people work on their fitness to look and feel better.

    With hotter temperatures comes more time for outdoor activities like the pool and beach, which are a big source of motivation to get that summer body.

    So, to help you on your fitness journey, we put this list of tips together from three professional athletes from all around the world!

    Kolten Wong portrait image

    Kolten Wong - Major League Baseball Player

    If you follow Major League Baseball, you may know Kolten Wong as the second baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers.

    Like many pro athletes, Wong has dealt with multiple injuries throughout his career — some of which kept him in the dugout most of the season.

    But after suffering injuries to his back and shoulder in 2017, he decided to make some changes to his fitness regimen.

    Until that point, he had focused on strength during his workouts, which he believed played a major role in his issues.

    But thanks to something his trainer called “strength yoga,” he was able to switch things up and come out the other side much healthier.

    He had trouble with it at first, but it soon helped him improve his mobility, stamina, and it even helped his mental game.

    "The fact that I couldn't do the yoga class without struggling, that said something about my body," Wong said. "If I can’t lift my body up, why am I lifting all these weights?...

    …The biggest thing is the mental side of yoga…Even though it hurts like crazy, being able to hold it with grace and understanding if you just breathe, it's going to feel better in the end. I started taking that into the mental aspect of baseball. Understanding slumps and all these things are going to happen. I have to breathe and let things take their course."

    Wong also uses BEMER therapy to improve his recovery in just two eight-minute sessions a day:

    “Playing in the MLB is a grind when you’re playing every day, so having the BEMER to allow me to increase my recovery times is crucial…

    This year I’m trying to use BEMER's special mode more to optimize the times I need rest and relaxation. Our only time for maximum recovery is our off days, and there aren't many. Having BEMER work while I rest means my body gets the blood flow it needs to give me my best results so I can hit it hard the next day!"

    Jimmy Chin scaling the side of a cliff

    Jimmy Chin - Professional Climber & Filmmaker

    Jimmy Chin is a climber and world-renowned filmmaker, best known for his documentary “Free Solo.”

    His achievements include unbelievable feats such as skiing down from the summit of Mt. Everest and ascending Mt. Vinson — Antarctica’s tallest mountain — in a day.

    In an interview with Outside Magazine, he shared some valuable fitness and life advice:

    Get Specific: If you want to train for big mountain endeavors, spend time in big mountains.

    Consistency Is Key: Try to do something active every day, even if it’s just a short run.

    Use Friends for Motivation: I’m constantly traveling, so I often make “training dates” with friends in different cities. It’s a great way to catch up, have fun, and stay fit while being on the go…

    Music Helps: I listen to everything while I train. From old school reggae, to classical stuff like Bach, to hip-hop, to rock and roll.

    Live: Life is short. There is only a certain number of films you can make and photos you can take…and you just never know what could happen. It’s probably worth getting it in while you can.”

    And as for recovery, you’ll rarely find Jimmy Chin without his BEMER:

    “I mainly use it after a big workout, or training session, or long day in the mountains. It’s really improved recovery times, muscle conditioning, and endurance…I’ve been recommending it to a lot of my friends and other professional athletes. But I think it has benefits for anybody that’s active.”

    Rebecca Rusch smiling while biking

    Rebecca Rusch - Professional Endurance Athlete & 7-Time World Champion

    Rebecca Rusch is a top endurance athlete with a long list of incredible accomplishments under her belt:

    • She was the first person to ride the entire length of the Ho Chi Minh Trail
    • In 2019, she was elected into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame
    • In 2016, she summited Mt. Kilimanjaro on a bike
    • And she has seven world championship titles in multiple endurance sports

    But how does she manage these seemingly superhuman feats? As it turns out, not without a hearty dose of mindfulness:

    “The big areas that I’m looking to improve are in energy and mindfulness. In endurance events, it’s about energy conservation. If your mind is spinning, you’re burning energy. We have the tools to trigger changes in our nervous system.

    Through breathing and mindfulness, I can calm my nervous system; I could be freaking out and lost in Alaska and I know how to calm down. It’s something that I call the spaces in between.”

    Not to mention, all that endurance training and competition requires a heavy focus on recovery:

    “I often do my own PT and self-care. I usually take a couple days off each week. After a hard ride, I focus on down-regulation…You get more out of your workout if you prioritize recovery right afterward.

    So I lie down in the grass in my front yard, down-regulate, grab a recovery drink. A lot of us can’t go to a massage therapist, but there’s so many cool tools. I’ve been using a foam roller forever. The Theragun has been really cool to focus on certain areas.”

    Rusch also uses BEMER therapy daily to keep up with her intense training regimen:

    "The sports that I specialize in are multi-day, ultra-endurance events. I train all the time and recovery is an important part of how I keep going. Circulation is key in recovery and the technology of BEMER is amazing in that aspect.

    I really love the simplicity of BEMER. It is an easy way to promote recovery anywhere at any time which has been incredibly useful when my expeditions require me to travel. Thank you BEMER, for improving my circulation, recovery, and overall lifestyle."

    World-Class Recovery at Your Fingertips

    If you want to recover like the pros, BEMER can help elevate your summer fitness routine.

    Contact your local distributor today to learn more about how BEMER can enhance your performance, recovery, and physical fitness from the comfort of home…

    All in just two eight-minute sessions a day.


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