Just 2 x 8 minutes daily can improve your quality of life

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    The BEMER devices stimulate blood flow in the small and very small blood vessels. This microcirculation is responsible for needs-based blood distribution and cell maintenance.* With an application time of only 2 x 8 minutes daily, BEMER is an effective treatment for the whole body.

    Disruptive technology

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    No hocus-pocus, just good old-fashioned physics. Simple to use. Simply do you good.

    Powerful signal

    The coils in the BEMER applicators generate an electromagnetic field with a patented signal structure.

    Perfect transmission

    The signal is transported into the body via the magnetic field.

    For an optimum effect

    Blood flow is supported, allowing cells to be better supplied with nutrients and oxygen, and waste products to be removed more efficiently.

    The BEMER Effect. Feel the difference.

    Blood flow

    Improve your circulation the easy way

    The patented BEMER signal stimulates vasomotion in humans, i.e., the pumping movement of the smallest vessels (arterioles). This has positive effects on microcirculation and thus blood flow.*


    Sleep better

    9 out of 10 BEMER users report that they have been able to resolve sleep disorders.*

    Ice cream

    Get back to your best

    BEMER can promote a general sense of wellbeing. This has been confirmed via a survey of several hundred users.*

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    Break free from pain, get more out of life

    BEMER can improve the recovery process for back pain caused by tension. It can be an effective complementary treatment for various forms of therapy.*

    Health is our passion

    Our passion for people and animals has motivated us to conduct ongoing research into microcirculation for more than two decades.

    Our Company

    Health is a matter of trust

    Certified medical product

    Class IIa in Europe


    Approved medical product in the USA

    Hundreds of thousands

    satisfied users worldwide

    Over 20 years


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    BEMER Pro-Set

    BEMER Pro-Set

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    Michael Rudman

    “Thanks to BEMER, I can finally do what I love again: go all out in sports!”

    Michael Rudman, former Professional Ice Hockey Player

    Manuel Gossner

    “Days instead of weeks: BEMER slashes my recovery time.”

    Manuel Gossner, Management Consultant

    Christine Franz

    “My job is very demanding. BEMER keeps my body and mind fit.”

    Christine Franz, Midwife

    Merry Rösler

    “No more counting sheep. With BEMER, I can fall asleep more easily.”

    Merry Rösler, Administrative Assistant

    Michaela Oetken

    “No more sports, said my doctors. Thanks to BEMER, I’m back on my spinning bike.”

    Michaela Oetken, Dental Assistant

    Thomas Ahlers

    “Sport used to hurt! With BEMER I’m pain-free again.”

    Thomas Ahlers, Logistics Specialist

    BEMER – for your horse’s wellbeing, too

    Ready for a riding revolution? With the BEMER Horse-Set, your horse can also benefit from our BEMER therapy in a variety of ways.

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    BEMER Horse

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    How can the functional principle of the physical vascular therapy be explained in a nutshell?

    The intended purpose of the BEMER therapy devices is to increase the restricted contraction frequency of the smaller and very small precapillary arterial blood vessels (< 100 μm). This results in improved blood distribution in the capillary network of the microcirculatory system.

    What is microcirculation?

    Microcirculation is the part of our circulatory system that ensures the supply of each individual body cell with the necessary oxygen, as well as nutrients, via a regulated flow of blood. At the same time, the microcirculation has the task of transporting away the metabolic by-products, such as carbon dioxide, which are produced during cellular activity. As the prefix “micro” already indicates, we are talking about extremely small vessels, since the cells are also very small (body cells are not visible to the naked eye). Thus, we have a huge network of tiny blood vessels in our body, some of which are four times thinner than a human hair. The microcirculation consists of different structures: the smallest vessels (arterioles, capillaries, venules), the initial lymphatic vessels, and the interstitial space (the space between the blood vessels, cells, and lymphatic vessels).

    Why is microcirculation so important for our health and performance levels?

    Scientific findings confirm that properly functioning microcirculation is critically important for a person’s health and performance. In all higher life forms, the supply of cells with oxygen and nutrients, the disposal of “waste products”, the transport of hormones and messenger substances, the immune defense, and much more is carried out via the blood flow. The performance and functionality of each individual body cell, the muscles, joints, organs, the immune system, etc., all depend on optimal cell maintenance via microcirculation.

    Why does impaired microcirculation lead to a drop in performance and potentially even to premature aging and disease?

    Impaired microcirculation can lead to a lack of energy in the cells because they are not sufficiently supplied and maintained. Initially, this results in reduced performance and subsequently leads to functional disorders in the affected cells. If many cells within an organ or area of tissue are affected, corresponding symptoms may occur, which can then be defined as a disease. Cells that are energy deficient cannot perform at their maximum capacity. Most cells have a fixed lifespan, after which they are renewed. Cells that lack energy die prematurely. Even our white blood cells, and thus the effectiveness of our immune defenses, depend directly on microcirculation and the energetic state of these cells.

    Top service from BEMER. Flexible payments.

    Do you have any questions?

    We will be happy to answer all your questions about BEMER products.

    Affordable monthly plans

    3-year guarantee

    Because we’ll give you an additional year on us! Top quality. Top service.

    * Bohn, W., Hess, L. & Burger, R. (2013). The effects of the “physical BEMER® vascular therapy. Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine, 10 (Suppl.), P. 5-12 // Harms, F. & Klopp, R. C. (2015). Functional state of microcirculation in patients with type 2 diabetes, P. 15-21 // Klopp, R. C., Niemer, W. & Schulz, J. (2013). Wirkungen einer physikalischen Stimulierung... Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine, 10(Suppl), P. 15-22 // Strauch, B., Herman, C., Dabb, R., Ignarro, L. J. & Pilla, A. A. (2009). Evidence based use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy … Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 29 (2), P. 135-143 // Umfrage BEMER und Schlaf, 2020, 121 Teilnehmer

    BEMER Int. AG is a medical technology company that manufactures products to treat impaired microcirculation. We have been researching and developing patented application methods in this field since 1998.

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