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    BEMER – a global success story

    The BEMER story begins in 1998 in a small office in Vorarlberg, Austria: Peter Gleim founds INNOMED International AG and devotes all his energy to the subject of microcirculation, which until then had received little attention. What follows is an unprecedented success story that is marked by numerous impressive milestones. Such as the company’s consistent focus on direct sales. Or the development of international markets as far away as the USA. Today, the medical technology company, which was renamed BEMER Int. AG in 2010, is active worldwide with more than 30,000 sales partners in over 30 countries in the field of application methods to treat impaired microcirculation.


    INNOMED International AG

    Peter Gleim founds INNOMED International AG with the aim of researching and treating microcirculation.

    Peter Gleim


    Global patent for the BEMER signal

    The company’s first milestone is the global patent for the BEMER signal and the launch of the very first BEMER 3000 system.

    BEMER Signal


    Launch of the first BEMER VET-Set

    The new BEMER VET-Set opens up the equestrian market.

    VET Set


    Start of in-house production

    The company establishes its first production facility in Germany. Products for discerning customers are manufactured by hand in an antistatic environment. 

    Start of in-house production


    Expansion of the product range with the BEMER SLT and MFA

    With these two devices, BEMER breaks new ground in the area of therapies and applications.



    International expansion

    The company is growing almost daily; BEMER establishes new locations.

    International expansion


    Groundbreaking partnerships

    New partnership with the Institute for Microcirculation under the direction of Dr. Rainer Klopp, MD.

    Groundbreaking partnerships


    Development of the “BEMER plus Signal”

    The BEMER plus Signal represents another milestone in the development of the patented BEMER signal. The new development makes the BEMER signal even more effective.

    BEMER plus


    Market launch of the BEMER Comfort

    A new level of relaxation – with the BEMER Comfort, the BEMER experience is now also a feast for the eyes.

    BEMER Comfort


    Market entry in the USA

    Establishment of BEMER LLC. in Carlsbad, California.



    Introduction of the new corporate design

    The new corporate design provides the visual basis for all subsequent entrepreneurial activities.

    Corporate Design


    Change of name to BEMER Int. AG

    A milestone in terms of effective branding – the company and product now share the same name.

    Framed: “INNOMED becomes BEMER Int. AG”


    Relocation to the new company building

    A special year for BEMER Int. AG – the company relocates to the new, impressive company building in Triesen, Liechtenstein.



    Market launch of the BEMER Classic-Set and Pro-Set

    After intensive development work, the new BEMER Sets are launched on the market, along with completely new or updated application modules. The devices feature a new, modern design. They are also smaller, lighter, and more user-friendly. The signal sets new standards in the healthcare market.

    Market launch of the BEMER Classic-Set and Pro-Set


    reddot Design Award

    With its new sets, BEMER wins the renowned reddot Design Award for outstanding and functional product design.

    Red Dot winner


    iF Communication Award

    High praise for BEMER’s marketing communications.



    Three German Design Awards for BEMER

    BEMER wins three German Design Awards, one each for the BEMER CI Book, the BEMER Pro-Set, and the BEMER Classic-Set.

    Logo German Design Awards 2013


    Launch of the BEMER VETERINARY Line

    BEMER technology for horses: The BEMER VETERINARY Line is a further expansion of this exciting market.

    Veterinary Line


    Principal sponsor of the DKB Riders Tour

    BEMER is now involved in equestrian sports on a grand scale.

    DKB Riders Tour


    20 years of BEMER

    As part of the B20 Tour, BEMER celebrates its 20th anniversary at various destinations around the world.



    Title sponsor of the BEMER Riders Tour

    After three years as the main sponsor, BEMER takes the next step and becomes the title sponsor of the BEMER Riders Tour.

    BEMER Riders Tour


    Launch of the new BEMER Horse-Set

    Following intensive collaboration with equestrian luminaries, the new BEMER Horse-Set is launched.

    Launch of the new BEMER Horse-Set


    The BEMER Horse-Set is honored with various awards

    The development work and attention to detail soon pay off. The BEMER Horse-Set, the successor to the BEMER VETERINARY Line, scoops a host of major awards for product design, including the German Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award.

    The BEMER Horse-Set is honored with various awards


    Title sponsor of the Cyclassics

    From now on, the biggest cycling event in Europe is the BEMER Cyclassics.

    BEMER Cyclassics

    BEMER Int. AG is a medical technology company that manufactures products to treat impaired microcirculation. We have been researching and developing patented application methods in this field since 1998.

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