Boost your horsepower


    And make your horse feel good.

    A healthy horse is a happy horse that is ready to perform. The BEMER Horse-Set helps to keep your horse in top condition. The patented BEMER signal improves microcirculation, i.e., the blood flow to the smallest vessels. These, in turn, are responsible for supplying the cells – your horse can only reach top performance if this system is functioning optimally. What’s more, the set also has a positive effect on regeneration, strengthens the immune system, and promotes suppleness. This is what we mean by “holistic” ...*


    Your horse is going to love it.

    Happy horses make happy riders. You will be amazed to see how calm and relaxed your horse becomes after just a few minutes of treatment – how relaxed and supple it is, how well it focuses on you, and how quickly it recovers after exercise. Ready for more? Your horse is!


    Quicker than you can say “wow”.

    Do you get fed up with long-winded instruction manuals? So do we! Which is why we have designed the BEMER Horse-Set to be quick and easy to use. Its numerous clever details are no mere coincidence – but rather the result of intensive collaboration with world-famous equestrian families and veterinarians. The result? A Horse-Set that is not only extremely easy and intuitive to use, but also fits seamlessly into your daily routine. And which gives you the most precious thing of all – more time with your horse.

    Benefits of the BEMER Horse-Set at a glance

    Owner with horse in stable. Horse wearing the BEMER horse blanket.

    • Improves microcirculation*
    • Promotes the parasympathetic processes in the organism and thus regeneration and relaxation*
    • Improves suppleness for optimal exercise*
    • Increases performance*
    • Disease prevention – increases the horse’s defense against infection*
    • Improves wound-healing processes*
    • Boosts microcirculation during surgery: reduced need for anesthetics and medication, as well as lower risk of myositis (inflammation of the skeletal muscles)*
    • Improves the horse’s response to anesthesia during surgery*
    • Faster recovery after surgery. Horses spend more time lying on their side, relax better, and stand up more steadily*
    • Improves the sexual behavior of individual stallions: Overactive stallions are calmed down, inactive stallions are stimulated*
    • Increases safety during mating for both horse and handler*
    • Increases the likelihood of successful semen collection and helps to ensure a more uniform semen quality in breeding stallions*

    Which horse will benefit from the BEMER Horse-Set? Yours!

    Some horses are tall and lean, while others are .... well, less so! Long back? Narrow withers? It doesn’t matter! The BEMER Horse-Set can be easily adjusted to fit your horse’s body size.

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    No matter which equestrian discipline you practice, the BEMER Horse-Set is the best way to support your cherished horse. It can stimulate the animal’s circulation and deliver many additional benefits. Whether for leisure riding or demanding equestrian sports – the BEMER Horse-Set supports you in the best possible way at home, at tournaments, and on training courses.


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    Experiences with the BEMER Horse-Set


    Kristin Hackel

    Western trainer & breeder

    “The response is immediate. I could hardly believe my eyes. I knew from the first moment that my horse and I were the perfect team. Even though she finds it difficult to relax. An osteopath introduced me to the BEMER Horse-Set. I was skeptical at first. But then my mare fell into a deep sleep within one minute. The same thing happened with another very nervous mare from our stable, which was hardly ever calm. The blanket really works wonders for her, too. I didn’t believe it would work. My horses convinced me.”


    Pia Grundmann

    Bank clerk

    “I want to boost their performance when I can sense that they have more to give. Sometimes you hope for a miracle cure. One of our ponies had a sore leg one morning, very swollen, didn’t want to walk, or even come outside at all. I ride in the national squad, I even went to the world championships. It takes time to reach that level with a horse. The animal needs to stay healthy for a long time. The BEMER Horse-Set is very helpful for regeneration and general health. If there’s a chance to boost their performance, I want to take it. Without BEMER, we would be much further behind in our development, both physically and mentally. Now I feel confident that we will make it to the world championships again. And the swollen leg? Long since healed.”

    Cinzia Abis

    Cinzia Abis


    “Drugs and chemicals? No thanks. Not my idea of a defense against infection. Mites, insects, fungi, pollen – we tried everything to get these allergies under control. But the scratching got worse and worse, his mane and tail were in bad shape. His cough became chronic, he was struggling to breathe. It was devastating to see that. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to ride him anymore. My horses are like my kids. And drugs are not an option. The BEMER Horse-Set is a preventive treatment and my tip for increasing a horse’s defense against infection. Because his symptoms are definitely clearing up. And his cough is now gone, too. In a natural way. I can now ride him again – he’s full of energy. I’m so relieved.”

    * Dai, F., Dalla Costa, E., Giordano, A., Heinzl, E., Giongo, P., Pagnozzi, G., Cannas, S., Minozzi, G., Minero, M. (2016). Effects of BEMER physical vascular therapy in horses in training. A randomized, controlled double blind study (yet to be published). Milan: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Milan. // Genn, Dr. H. J. (2017). Auswirkung der physikalischen BEMER-Gefäßtherapie auf das Verhalten der Pferde vor bzw. nach einer Operation (Anwenderbeobachtung). Steinfeld: Pferdeklinik Mühlen. // Brandenberger, Dr. O., Kalinowskiy, A., Körner J., Genn, Dr. H. J., Leser, Dr. S. (2021). Effect of Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation (Bemer)-Horse Therapy on Cardiopulmonary Function and Recovery Quality after Isofluran Anesthesia in 100 Horses Subjected to Pars-Plana Vitrectomy. Veterinary Surgery, July 08-10, 7. doi: 10.1111/vsu.13672 // Genn, Dr. H. J. & Kools, B. (2021). Der Einsatz der BEMER Therapie auf das Sexualverhalten (Libido) von Hengsten im Deckeinsatz (Anwenderbeobachtung). Steinfeld: Deckstation Schockemöhle & Pferdeklinik Mühlen. // Bundesverband für Gesundheitsinformation und Verbraucherschutz, 2018, P. 9

    BEMER Int. AG is a medical technology company that manufactures products to treat impaired microcirculation. We have been researching and developing patented application methods in this field since 1998.

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